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Legal Advice Office in South Africa

The Legal Advice Office in South Africa

The Legal Advice Office offers affordable Legal Advice as well as Legal and Paralegal Services throughout South Africa.

Our legal advice and services are based on 40 years of experience in the professional legal field.  As a purely internet based legal consultancy business, we pride ourselves in personal, professional and efficient service at affordable rates and undertake to revert to our clients within 48 hours of their query being received by us.

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It is important to note that we are not attorneys; but rather legal consultants, legal advisors and paralegal practioners.

We do all the background legal and paralegal work ourselves; and use our own appointed panel attorneys, throughout South Africa, only when absolutely necessary.

When using panel attorneys, they strictly follow both ours and our client’s specific instructions; and only in respect of legal work required to be attended to by duly admitted and practicing attorneys.

We only use practicing attorneys and other legal professionals when they are essential so as to save our clients’ legal costs.

The Legal Advice Office has been operating since 2004 and we have an excellent track record.

The normal fees of our advice services vary between R 100.00 and R 1000.00 per matter depending on the complexity of the issues raised with us; and, on occasion, our telephonic and simple email advice is free.

Our legal services fees are generally about 50% of the going rate of practicing attorneys, advocates, lawyers and/or other legal practitioners with similar experience.

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The Legal Advice Office: Who are we and what do we do?

What is The Legal Advice Office?

Who are we and what do we actually do?

We are a purely internet based legal firm, based in the Western Cape, that provides legal advice; and agreed legal services and paralegal services throughout the Country.

We are exclusively and internet based business and only interact with our clients by phone and by email.

This modus operandi saves time and money.

Can you trust us?

Well; we have operated in one form or another since 2005 and have a very good and proud track and success record in furnishing good solid professional legal advice, resolving legal issues and enforcing our client’s legal rights based on their email and telephone instructions to us.

We do everything by email and telephone and are both quick, professional and efficient.

We do not provide face to face consultations although Skype interviews can be pre-arranged by specific with us in special circumstances; if needed.

We have two main functions:

To provide general legal and other advice on all and any legal queries and questions; and
To provide proper, prompt and professional legal services to anyone that sends us an email; if they instruct us to provide those agreed services,
This is however not a free service; although we do sometimes provide answers and solutions to simple straightforward questions at no charge.

As regards our legal services; we work at R 1250.00 per hour and charge for our agreed services on an hourly basis. We will always agree a set fee with you.

Generally our advice function costs anything between R 300.00 and R 1000.00 depending on the complexity of the query, question or problem.

We also will always give you a quote before we provide you whether with advice or when we provide legal, paralegal or any other services.

All our fees are therefore always pre-agreed fees for the advice and the services that we provide to you.

Sending us an email and a query costs you nothing and we reply to all emails received within 48 hours.

Once again; we must stress that it is always advisable for you to seek prompt, proper and professional legal advice and legal services when dealing with factual and legal issues as we reiterate the law and legal issues can sometimes can be confusing and complicated, especially in its correct interpretation; and needs a trained experienced and legal mind to interpret it correctly and as accurately as possible in any given circumstances.

If you have experienced difficulties with enforcing your legal rights; contact us at The Legal Advice Office at or send an email to one of our email addresses; either This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Should you wish to comment on this or any other legal topic; just send us an e-mail; and we will respond within 48 hours; as stated above.

Thank you.

The Legal Advice Office Team.



In 2016 I lent a friend of mine R 48000.00.

Now; I am battling to get the money back!

What can I do?

One of the issues that crops up on a regular basis with The Legal Advice Office are queries and advice sought from us when you have been lied to or, at least, not been told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

If someone sells you an item, for example a motor car, and they do not fully disclose to you any defects in that vehicle that they knew about or should reasonably have known about; then you have certain legal rights and recourse.

Criminal law vs civil law

Oscar Pistorius initially appeared in a local magistrate’s court, his bail hearing was in the regional court and his murder trial in the High Court.

As we have had quite a few queries over the last week about aspects of Criminal Law; we have decided to do a few blogs on various aspects of Criminal Law.

Firstly; it is important to understand that there are two large bodies of our law.

  1. Criminal Law and
  2. Civil Law.

Broadly speaking a criminal case is one where the accused is charged by the State in respect of a crime and Civil Law is the law as it is applied to different people and legal entities. To use an example for illustration: A is charged with Drunk Driving. The case is “The State (the Government, in fact, on behalf of the people of the country) versus A. “This is a criminal case and is heard in one of the criminal courts in the country.

 private prosecution

If a person is certain that justice has not been done, there is always the option to follow the route of Private Prosecution

We had an interesting question sent to us yesterday by email.

 “In September 2017 my youngest son was assaulted in a bar and he laid a charge against the perpetrator. We have now been told by the investigating officer that the senior public prosecutor has declined to prosecute. My son wants to proceed and we would like to know how one goes about a private prosecution. Can you possibly advise as to whether or not this is a possibility and, if so, what is the process and how would he go about it?”


Should I have an ANC if I am getting married in a few weeks’ time?

A brief discussion of the ANC and the purpose of an ANC.

Most couples in preparing to tie the knot leave this question until very late in their wedding preparations. The writer on occasion in the past had to arrange for an ANC on the preceding Friday afternoon before the Saturday wedding at 10 am. That is cutting it fine.

During the excitement of a couple's impending wedding; it is easy to forget about the aspect of an ante-nuptial contract. It is however vitally important that you and your future spouse discuss the matrimonial property regime best suited to your financial needs from the date that you are married.

pinocio spank

"I saw it reported recently that the spanking of your child has now been declared a criminal offence. Is this true?"

Corporal Punishment:

Here is a query we received yesterday via email.

 "I saw it reported recently that the spanking of your child has now been declared a criminal offence.

Is this true? Will this not result in an overloading our justice system even more than it already is?"

We all know that corporal punishment in any form in our schools has been outlawed for a long time.

But what is the situation at home?

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