expropriation without compensation

  • “Expropriation without compensation.”- Part 2

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    Expropriation without Compensation: Part 2:

    We continue where we left off last week with a continuation of the interpretation of section 25 of the Constitution.

    Section 25 subsection 4 reads:

    “For the purposes of this subsection:-

    • (a) The public interest includes the nation’s commitment to land reform and to reforms to bring about equitable access to all South Africa’s natural resources; and
    • (b) Property is not limited to land.”
  • One of the hottest political topics during this last 2 weeks has been the debate on “Expropriation without compensation.”

    land expropriator

    What is expropriation? Part 1:

    The definition of the verb “expropriate” is usually couched as follows: “To take possession of (property), especially for public use, thus divesting the title of the private owner eg the government expropriated the owners land for a road, electricity pylons or for a public recreational area. In plain words, it means “to take something from one person’s possession for another one’s use and benefit.”

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